Film Studio Conversion Case Study

  • Project: Urban Development
  • Case Study: Bristol

Case Study

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A former film studio in Bristol City centre was granted planning permission for conversion to create three cluster flats (units with shared accommodation facilities) and one self-contained flat. The Council had previously refused a similar application at the site on the grounds that the scheme would lead to a lack of social cohesion in the neighbourhood, which the Council regarded as predominately family housing; and that the proposed residents would be likely to create excessive noise and disturbance to local residents.

Although the appeal was dismissed costs were awarded against the Council and we were able to demonstrate that the Inspector had provided a constructive framework within which to proceed. Accordingly, the successful resubmission addressed the previous refusal reasons.

Firstly, we undertook our own household survey of the surrounding area, supported by up to date Census data.  From this we were able to demonstrate that 80% of households were not in fact occupied as family housing. Secondly, we were able to provide an assurance that part of the development would be occupied by a site manager. In addition, a residential management plan was agreed as part of the application.  These measures addressed the Council’s concerns and a non-conforming use has added to the supply and mix of much needed local housing. 

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