Our client’s property is located within the Bristol/Bath Green Belt, where there is a higher level of restriction on new development than is found elsewhere.  

Our client applied for a rear extension to their property in 2019. However, the application was refused as it was considered that the proposal, in combination with previously constructed extensions, would result in a disproportionate addition to the house over and above the size of the original building. 

At that stage, Chris Dance of LPC (Trull) Ltd was instructed by the client to assist. Following a review of the previous application, he was able to advise that the same extension, that had just been refused, was in fact Permitted Development, which means that full Planning Permission was not required. He also advised that formal confirmation of this could be obtained from the Council under the Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Larger Home Extension procedure.  

The necessary confirmation was duly granted by the Council shortly thereafter following the submission of our application. This project demonstrates the benefit of seeking professional advice when faced with planning issues.  Our team have an in-depth knowledge of planning legalisation which can often resolve the situation.