LPC (Trull) Ltd have successfully won an appeal for the erection of 6 flats in the Old Town area of Swindon. The application was originally refused by Swindon Borough Council, however we were instructed to prepare an appeal under the Written Representations procedure and were able to address each of the Council’s reasons for refusal.

In the final analysis, the Inspector concluded that:

“Paragraph 8 of the Framework provides the three overarching objectives of the planning system: economic, social and environmental. The proposal would provide 6 dwellings which would have economic benefits from their construction and the residents would be well placed to support local services and facilities. The new dwellings would be a modest contribution towards the 5 year housing land supply requirement. The support to local services would also be a social benefit. The impairment to living standards would be contrary to the social objective, but the impact would be very limited. The proposal would preserve and enhance the Town Gardens Conservation Area. The proposal has the potential to enhance biodiversity, thereby meeting the environmental objective.”

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